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The Easy Fuel SM Mobile Fueling Program significantly shrinks your labor costs by eliminating the need for your drivers to fuel at retail and card lock stations. This drastically reduces employee downtime resulting in more productivity and profits for your company!

When drivers fuel at retail and card-lock stations your fuel bill inflates dramatically. The cost of labor for a driver or crew to fill your truck, added to the original cost of fuel per gallon, results in an overall higher fuel cost.

For example, a fully burdened driver earning $20 per hour, not including overtime, spends an average of 30 minutes per day traveling to the fueling station and fueling before resuming their regular duties. That is an additional $10 per fuel stop, per driver. On a 50 gallon fueling, this results in an additional 20 cents per gallon, or more, added to your fuel bill. With an average fuel consumption of 1000 gallons per week, this could cost your company approximately $10,400 per year. Easy Fuel SM, can help you reduce these hidden costs.

The Easy Fuel SM Mobile Fueling Program makes fuel management easier than ever! Our state-of-the-art, comprehensive fuel management system is specifically designed to eliminate costly paperwork, accounting errors, and the hassles associated with lost cards and even theft.

Additionally, we can bill through Comdata and Wright Express and we accept most major credit cards.

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