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Fuel Treatment Ensure Optimal Generator Performance


Keeping fuel dry and clean is an essential fuel maintenance procedure. However, even the highest standards of "housekeeping" will not ensure the absence of microbial infestations and associated problems. In warmer weather, microbes can be sucked in through vents by the breathing action of the fuel caused by daily temperature fluctuations. This causes the quality of your fuel to change rapidly.

Although the refining process essentially sterilizes fuels, microbes and other particulates can form during transportation and handling. It is recommended that each new load delivered to your facility's generator should be treated to ensure its integrity and avoid future maintenance headaches and costly downtime.

Easy Fuel SM has a 4-part fuel maintenance program that is designed to protect the integrity of the fuel used at your facility to help assure your generator's readiness to perform. Properly maintained fuel promotes fuel economy and reduces black smoke emissions. It also protects against future maintenance problems such as clogged filters, corroded pumps and injectors, and the degradation of washers, hoses and connectors.

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