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Fuel Treatment Ensure Optimal Generator Performance


Part 1 - Fuel inspection

An inspection of resting fuel can detect the presence of harmful micro-organisms, or "bugs." This is done through either a visual, or laboratory analysis of fuel taken from the bottom of your tank.

Bah Humbugs!

"Bugs" or micro-organisms in the form of either bacteria or fungus can exist in the water that accumulates in your generator's fuel tank as a result of condensation. These "bugs" feed off of the hydrocarbons in the fuel and are often referred to as Hydrocarbon Utilizing Micro-organisms, or "HUM" bugs. They are either air or water-borne and can contaminate fuel systems. Many of these bugs grow at incredible rates. Some varieties are able to double in size every 20 minutes!

As they grow, these bugs appear as a dark colored gel-like substance. The waste produced by these bugs creates sludge, acids and other harmful byproducts. Other signatures of contaminated fuel may include a sulfur smell, or tank access lids with green, or brown slimy formations.

These harmful micro-organisms will eat away rubber gaskets, O-rings, hoses, tank linings and coatings. This jeopardizes the function and efficiency of your generator, potentially costing your company excessive maintenance fees, downtime and lost production.

Testing and analysis will discover the bugs; but fuel treatment, filtration and stabilization will keep further problems at bay.

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